Designer How it Works

The 1%, a program of The 1% program is a national venue for firms to document their pro bono contributions, gain recognition, and find new project opportunities.

Step 1:
Register your firm and pledge your 1%.
The 1% program asks that firms dedicate a minimum of 1% of their working hours to pro bono service. That amounts to just 20 hours per employee per year.

Step 2:
Complete your profile and post past projects.
Your firm’s profile on The 1% website can tell a story about your past contributions, project interests, and availability to take on new projects.

Step 3:
Find projects and connect with nonprofits.
As a participant of The 1% program, you have the ability to see all the listings of nonprofit projects currently registered, while registered nonprofits have the ability to contact your firm.

Still have questions?
Click here to view a list of FAQ regarding the program and pro bono projects.

The 1% identifies appropriate pro bono clients. The program starts with the premise that nonprofits are worthy of public support and confirms their 501(c)(3) status as part of the registration process. The 1% catalogs clear project needs. The program requires that nonprofits go through a two-part registration process, with the second part devoted to articulating their project needs. The 1% tracks your project requests and inquiries. The program enables you to accept or decline requests made of your firm as well as enables you to submit inquiries to nonprofits that you’re interested in working with.