Nonprofit Overview

The 1% program starts with the premise that nonprofits need and deserve facilities and work environments that are aligned with their mission and values.

Typical organization challenges

  • Cost constraints required you to move into a lackluster office space that is uncomfortable and uninspiring for staff and visitors.
  • Potential funders are hesitant to support your capital campaign without a clear understanding and vision of your facility needs.
  • You recently outgrew your office space or will need more space soon.
  • Your office space doesn’t comply with accessibility and health standards.
  • First impressions when visiting your office are inconsistent with your culture and mission.

High-impact organization solutions through The 1%

  • Renovate your existing office space to align your environment with your ongoing activities, program needs, and service offerings.
  • Develop capital campaign materials that capture the essence of your new facilities and compel funders to support your project.
  • Select an office location and space that accommodates your needs and trajectory.
  • Design your office space to have optimal conditions for accessibility, productivity, and comfort.
  • Convey your mission through your office space, so that all visitors have positive first and lasting impressions of your organization.